Academics and Content, Not Religion: What Homeschooling Is Really About

In light of steadily deteriorating academic levels in most countries, there is an increasing trend to homeschool instead of sending children off to some public “schooling” institution yielding, at best, mediocre results and — most certainly — providing outdated approaches and often even academically outdated curricula or “content”.

Robert Kyosaki in “Rich Kid, Smart Kid” as well as many other places in his books within the Rich Dad series is providing many good reasons and strong arguments for homeschooling since the early 2000s. In fact, I have come across his point the first time in 2003 when he talked about the lack of financial training in public schools along with other, at least as severe, shortcomings of any public school system in any country in the world.

On top of Robert Kiyosaki, there are many similar thinkers giving their own opinions about the same problem, and — not really so surprisingly — arrive at very similar solutions. Only today, came I across an interview that is actually roughly a year old, given by Doug Casey of Casey Research, excerpts of which are quoted below:

” […] most high school and college courses [..] are not designed to produce educated young people but useful em­ployees, ready to enter the labor force. But they don’t even do that well.”

“Most schools today are state schools or [..] they teach state-approved curricula […] to train the kids to be good little cogs in the wheel, as in obedient subjects, and as opposed to independent thinkers and citizens. That’s probably the most important reason not to send your kids to a state school.”

“Homeschooling is a great alternative, though so many homeschoolers are religious fanatics they’ve given the whole idea an unfortunate and undeserved aura of nuttiness. [But instead of religious or political infiltration] children [need] classical education in the liberal arts starting in grade school.”

The latter is exactly why we favor homeschooling, and why we believe children can learn more this way than in today’s (failed) model of public schools.

Homeschooling IS NOT about religious fundamentalism but better use of children’s time and abilities for the sake of ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT, LEARNING FUN, and alternatives to the many wrong approaches in the public school system!

The Doug Casey interview continues with the interviewer asking Mr Casey, “Do you really think homeschooling has such a bad reputation? Aren’t homeschooled kids burning up the track at the spelling bees, geography bees, etc.?”, and Mr Casey replying, “Perhaps it depends on which circles you travel in.”

Continuing on the REAL ADVANTAGES OF HOMESCHOOLING, Mr Casey provides us “a good reason to favor homeschooling”, and says that, “Regardless of who most homeschoolers are, I had a good enough time in school, and I generally enjoyed the social interaction with the other kids. But it was a mis-allocation of my time; there’s little of value you can learn from other kids. It’s simply a bad idea to put your kids in an environment where they spend most of the day associating with young yahoos, many or most of whom have a lot of bad habits”!

“Sure, kids need to learn how to work together and socialize, but school is not the only, and certainly not the best, place to do that.”

Indeed, because AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES are. Unfortunately, with current trends of full-day public schooling, these are increasingly hard to fit in. Another reason to opt out of public school (and to oppose Germany’s illegal policy of mandatory school attendance: it hurts more than it helps, and it is a violation of basic individual freedoms available in most countries around the world).

Finally Mr Casey gives “Another reason” [against public school, let alone mandatory attendance, and FOR HOMESCHOOLING INSTEAD, saying:, “Every class, like a group traveling together, tends to move at the pace of the slowest kids in the group. An environment tailored for the lowest common denominator bores the smart kids to tears…or trouble. I was perpetually bored and distracted by the “one size fits all” program of my schools.”

So here you have REAL REASONS for homeschooling. Think about them, instead of some religious fundamentalism or motives derived from it. Homeschooling is not so much a matter of “freedom of religion” but of “Freedom of the arts, science”, and general individual Freedom instead.

This is what the Homeschooling für Deutschland project is all about. While also sympathetic to other motivators — including religious ones –, we most certainly would not want to be mis-understood as “favoring religious fundamentalism” WHICH WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Read our lips, and please do read our Posts, Comments, or other publications here or elsewhere to get the full picture — and to get the real picture!


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